debut post homogenic vespertine
INFO: It's time! Björk Guðmansdoitter's solo career has been spitting out gems for just about nine years now. Nine years! After spinning back into the public eye with her award nominated performance in the award winning film Dancer In the Dark, and the following release of Vespertine, Björk's fan-pool swelled with new found followers and that could only mean one thing - it's time for a Greatest Hits album. But out of over 90 songs recorded since 1993, 6 albums and over 20 singles how is one to choose or judge what truly is a 'greatest hit?' How do you narrow down over 90 songs to 15? I'll tell you how. You let the fans vote online (all Björk fans are internet people - you're here reading this aren't you?). A vote was held on But of course - the record companies also had their say - so who's to tell how exactly things were chosen? The 15 tracks came to be - including a new release, It's In Our Hands - a song that had only previously been performed during the Vespertine tour - a true treat for Björk's fans. For more information on It's In Our Hands and the video go to The end result is a perfect album for any newbie Björk fan and a perfect collector's item for the long time Björk Dörks.

The track-list is as follows
(with notes of which album each song is originally from):

  1. All is full of love (homogenic)
  2. Hyperballad (post)
  3. Human Behavior (debut)
  4. Jóga (homogenic)
  5. Bachelorette (homogenic)
  6. Army of Me (post)
  7. Pagan Poetry (vepertine)
  8. Big Time Sensuality (debut)
  9. Venus as a Boy (debut)
  10. Hunter (homogenic)
  11. Hidden Place (vespertine)
  12. Isobel (post)
  13. Possibly Maybe (post)
  14. Play Dead (debut)
  15. It's In Our Hands (greatest hits)
pretty moving pictures: BJÖRK AVATARS
Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, another Icelandic artist, was chosen by Björk to do the cover art for the Greatest Hits album, It's In Our Hands Singles, and Family Tree Box set. Björk felt that Gabriela's little cast of kooky creatures was a perfect match for her career compilations - and cute too! The package and print design were done by long time friends of Björk, M/M Paris. Gabríela has a very little website here. You can find out more about M/M HERE. Check out the Family Tree Special for more of Gabríela's artwork!
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