HISTORY : Timeline and other useless information.
I thought I should make some kind of info page for those interested in how For the Lve of Björk came to be. So here it is:
I am about 14 or 15 years old and sitting on the floor in my grandparent's hotel room. I do not get cable TV at home and I am taking the most in possible while my grandparents are visiting. I flip to MTV and there I see some girl in an orange dress dancing with a goth and a mail box. I am greatly confused but very very intrigued.
I am about 16 years old and we have finally gotten basic cable. My knowledge of popular music is growing and the CD's me and my sister buy at Tower begin to suck less and less. One evening on MTV I see the "I MISS YOU" video and I am even more confused and even more extremely delighted by this girl called Björk. (I was also a huge ren and stipy fan at the time and um, yeah.) Within a few months we buy post and then homogenic....
I am now 17 and heading off to college. My sister and I had been sharing one CD collection for a long time and she wasn't about to let me just prance off to college with Post, Homogenic, her Japanese Import of Debut and everything. So I take with me several mix tapes, a copy of Debut I got from a used CD place, half a Roni Size album, Two PJ Harvey CDs, a Pixies CD, And a bunch of really crapy stuff from our older CD collection. :-(

My papa gets me a second series IMac for my 18th birthday :-) and I start making little webpages using free webspace at theglobe.com and angelfire.com (neither of which had ads or banners or pop-ups back then).

I also meet Scott who is quite happy to share with me his huge collection of Björk singles, albums, B-sides and bootlegs.
Using theglobe.com (which has since gone out of business) I have made about 8 different Björk related websites by this time with content such as photos, useless information, stuff about Iceland and Icelandic literature, links, icons, stories, and whatnot. I decide that I should teach myself how to use Adobe Page-Mill (since it came free with my computer and all). So, I use frames and pagemill to put all my theglobe.com pages together into one Björk fan-site. With the lack of any better idea, I title it "THIS CHODE LOVES BJÖRK". I put this site up on my ucla webspace because at this time theglobe.com and angelfire have started to put ad bars on their pages. This site was the start of what is now "FOR THE LOVE OF BJÖRK".
Theglobe.com starts to suck more and more and angelfire has accidentally deleted my files for no reason on various occasions. I begin to move more and more files and pages onto my ucla webspace and update them as I do so.

I move in with Scott and send my IMac home as it is inferior to Scott's computer in many ways.
Scott gets me Dreamweaver, and theglobe.com goes bankrupt. I move all of my THIS CHODE LOVES BJORK pages over to the ucla and Scott's school's server (and I use Yahoo's Geocities for overflow). I get rid of the frames and add a better Björk art section, a wallpaper section, a thing about Iceland, and I also add about 200 more pictures. I also join a lot of webrings and start LOOK HARDER (currently down, probably for a while).

One of the web groups I submit the site to is FUCK LOGIC (which as of right now seems to be down.) When asked how I would like the title of my site to appear on the fuck logic page I decide to change this chode loves björk to something more accessible...and ...and ...and ...VOILÀ and now this site shall forever be FOR THE LOVE OF BJÖRK.

In October We get first row tickets to Björk's concert in Los Angeles, and I have the best night of my life. EVER.

Scott and I are graduating this year and therefore loosing our school webspace. I consider moving everything over to Geocities, even though it sucks harder than a vacuum on speed. I also start looking into spending some actual money on a domain and hosting service, but being used to free webspace for about 4 years, anything more expensive than free just doesn't seem like a "deal." I put a notice up on my site asking for some kind soul to host my pages.

Geocities cancels its FTP service to nonpaying users. And I freak out.

I get an e-mail from these two girls in Maine offering to host all my sites! I am overjoyed and say YES, and FOR THE LOVE OF BJÖRK moves into www.twostupidveggies.org/alia.

Twostupidveggies breaks up, and For the Love of Björk finds a new home at sugarcube.net :-)

In July, someone uses my pics for a bootleg cover. That's nice and all, but where is my free copy folks?

In the fall Greatest Hits and Family Tree are released and as part of the promotion there is a promo site contest held by Electra. This spawns this:
I win second place and the prize is a copy of the Greatest Hits CD. I never get my prize but it's nice to have your site mentioned on the most fabulous björk site ever! (but I'm still kind of sour about the whole never getting a GH CD thing)


I get a job (two jobs actually)... and the time I had planned on using to re-do several sections of the site dissapears. Howerver, the Fan Art section gets a facelift aswell as several fabulous additions. I also start a little project involving Live Journal Icons.

In August I see Björk live again TWICE. *happy dance* I don't bring a camera with me to the San Francisco show, But I sneek in six cameras with me to the Los Angeles show. A couple nice photos come out of this and I they are currently occupying the photo section.

I also get engagged... to Scott of course!

I'm working on it...