B J Ö R K   A R T :   F A N   A R T
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If you have some Björk-Art of your own that you would like to contribute to this page just send it to me via email: alia@mymelody.com and include your name with your image and whatever other information you think is necessary. If you have a website link or journal link which you would like to include please do so. Try to keep your dpi at 100 and below and image size less than 1000x1000 pixels please.
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1a: ink drawing by alia. 2a: ink drawing by alia. 3a: pencil drawing by jess. 4a: pastel drawing by joana. 5a: color pencil drawing by melody joy. 6a: digital (adobe illustrator) drawing by alia. 1b: watercolor and tempera painting by alia. 2b: pencil drawing by jess. 3b: digital image by john. 4b: acrylic painting by meowpants. 5b: digital (photoshop) painting by alia. 6b: digitally altered drawing by alia. 1c: pencil drawing by jess. 2c: digital image by john. 5c: pencil drawing by john. 6c: ink drawing by Tee[NEW]. 1d: ink drawing by alia. 2d: pencil drawing by carolyn. 5d: waterbottle by jess. 6d: pencil drawing by john. 1e: ink drawing by alia. 2e ink drawing by carlo[NEW]. 3e: pencil drawing by jess. 4e: watercolor and tempera painting by alia. 5e: doll by jess. 6e: pastel drawing by joana. 1f: ink drawing by john. 2f: ink drawing by alia. 3f: doll by jess. 4f: pastel drawing by joana. 5f: altered drawing by john. 6f: digitally altered drawing by mia.

all images © the artists. artwork has been posted with artists' concent.