(as of) JULY 11, 2002.... I never thought it would come to this, but BEFORE you enter FOR THE LVE OF BJÖRK you MUST read the following site RULES:

All materials within this site are the sole property of ALIA. This includes all images and text within this site.

. You must contact Alia via e-mail and ask for her written consent before you use any material within this site for your own corporate or personal gain.

3. If you do not contact Alia before using any of the materials within this site for your own personal or corporate gain, you are thereby agreeing that you will supply Alia with three (3) items each of whatever products you are using Alia's materials on. This includes T-shirts, stickers, bootlegs, key-chains, buttons, or any product you put Alia's work onto.

4. If you are using Alia's materials within an advertisement without consent, the ad firm, or client will be notified.

5. If you are found using Alia's materials within your own website, you will be asked to link back to fortheloveof.sugarcube.net

. If you are Björk none of the rules above apply to you.

7. ENJOY :-)